About us

The Talents Gateway is a project of EDDS Consulting. The purpose is to facilitate professionals to access excellent quality learning opportunities at very affordable prices. The learning opportunities will include General Management Training, Professional Certifications, Body of Knowledge Guide Books and Webinars. Will include both free and paid opportunities.

We will be offering courses that are in high demand in the business world in partnership with leading Learning Solutions Providers and Certification Authorities. 

About EDDS Consulting

EDDS Consulting is facilitating a growing list of clients in Pakistan as well as in the USA, UK, Belgium, UAE, Australia and Egypt. We help our clients (individuals as well as organizations) to pursue excellence through Management Systems design/improvement & implementation and make it sustainable through training and certifications.

Offering services in three major areas:
1. Management Consulting,
2. General Management Training and
3. Professional Certifications.

EDDS Consulting is an Authorized Training Partner with the VMEdu Inc, USA for Globally Recognized Professional Certifications in various disciplines.

- Project Management
- Sales and Marketing
- Scrum & Agile
- Quality Management
- Negotiations Management
- Lean Management
- Time Management

- Enterprise Lean Transformation (Lean and Six Sigma System Design/Improvement and Implementation)
- Business Intelligence Solutions

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Email: shop@edds.com.pk